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If you were looking for a Vintage Zildjian 22" A Medium Traditional Ride this is the one. This cymba
Just a great vintage 70s Zildjian 22" Ride. Perfect for any player.
"Wow". Here is a used Paiste Rude 22" Ride/Crash. This cymbal holds nothing back. It is great for fu
This Pearl Decade Maple 5pc Shell Pack in Black Ice was used briefly during a local festival. Take a
Meinl 22" Byzance Foundry Reserve Light Ride, B22FRLR, B20 bronze, traditional finish, extra-large h
The 22" AAX Medium Ride from Sabian introduces a whole new palette of sound to the AAX line. A small
The Meinl Byzance 22" Jazz China Ride has an exotic, trashy sound with a soft feeling. Well suited f
The Meinl Byzance 22" Vintage Crash has a combination of a sandblasted surface, big hammer marks and
The Dream 22" Dark Matter Moon Ride is the grand-daddy of the Dark Matter family. These are quite he
The 22" Dark Matter Energy Ride represent a wholly unique sound and look in a ride cymbal. Dark Matt
The Dream 22" Bliss Gorilla Ride features a large bell, extra deep hammer marks and a rough hewn app
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Dream 22" Bliss Ride

The Dream 22" Bliss Ride are vintage style cymbals with a personality all their own. They are totall
The 22" Complex Thin Crash is big, thin and dark – with a small hand-hammered raw bell – a combi
The 22" Complex Medium Ride employs a combination of HH and HHX hammering, a raw hammered bell, and
This is the big kahuna of Contact rides. Introduced in 2011, it has the stiffer feel needed for grea
This is a great ride. Plenty of ping but without the stiffness and weight of the heavy ride. This re
The Contact series feature a shaped and slightly deeper profile with a relatively larger bell. The s
The Dream Contact Series 22" Crash Ride delivers a higher pitch that is still rich and warm. The cra
Medium-Thin, with straight-ahead, focused sound, the Monarch delivers vintage look and feel with fan
Dream 22" Bliss Crash/Rides are new cymbals made in the ancient tradition. Every one is an individua
When you want to bring just a single cymbal to a gig and play it all night long and never run out of
The Meinl Pure Alloy rides push your sound with an upfront mix cushioned by fundamental lows along w
These raw looking cymbals with high-density hand hammering are all about strong sticking responses o
Stunning contrast of extra dry and brilliant finish with a unique combination of hammering and lathi

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