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Does your package include the information below? 

If so, please continue reading for more information on California’s “Prop 65” Legislation



This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer,
birth defects or other reproductive harm.


What Is “Prop 65”?

California’s “Prop 65” Legislation was originally passed in the 1980s as a measure intended to protect California’s drinking water and has been recently expanded to require all manufacturers that produce goods in California and all retailers who ship those goods to California customers to notify California residents if the product(s) shipped contain even trace amounts of any one of 800+ listed chemicals. While this warning may alarm some consumers, these warnings are becoming increasingly familiar to California residents as they appear in restaurants, stores, movie theaters, theme parks and many other businesses. 

To read California’s Proposition 65 or to contact the California Agency that regulates this policy, please follow this link: