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Bass Drum Pedals



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The Sonor DP 4000 double pedal is a professional bass drum pedal from Sonor with excellent running c
A Bi-laterally symmetrical design creating a unit where both pedals can FEEL IDENTICAL.
The DFP-8500C Double Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal features long footboards, smooth moving univ
Delivering blinding speed and powerful performance, the Eliminator Solo Black bass drum pedal puts t
The Concept Double Pedal sports two Infinitely Adjustable Spring Rockers for precise stroke adjustme
The Sonor SP 4000 single pedal is a professional bass drum pedal from Sonor with excellent running c
Identical to the 5000 pedal, but with a solid power footboard, The 5000ADS bass drum pedal offers an
The legendary DW 5000 Accelerator Single Pedal has remained The Drummer's Choice and the standard of
Suitable for any music situation and style, Iron Cobra drum pedals were created based on three key p
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DW Direct Drive Cajon Pedal

The cable-driven 5000 Series cajon pedal with GlideTrack drive technology has proven to be an advanc
The DW 5000 Turbo Single Pedal provides a solid, powerful, consistent feel and response.
The PDP 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal delivers the same exceptional quality and engineering as t
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Dixon Cajon Pedal Plus

$134.99 $139.99
Dixon Cajon Pedal Plus is quick and easy mounting to Cajon without clamping.
The PDP DP402 Double Bass Drum Pedal offers smooth and quick action. It features a chain-and-cam dri
The Sonor DP 2000 single pedal is a robust pedal for beginners and advanced drummers who value quali
The Pearl Eliminator Solo Single Bass Drum Pedal Red Cam comes with a red radical progressive action
A DW 2000 Series pedal with a nylon strap and right angle cam for unique playing requirements.
The Meinl Standard Cajon pedal features a direct drive mechanism, rather than a standard bass drum p
Pearl’s original PowerShifter Eliminator was a giant leap ahead in bass drum pedals. The world’s
Designed to fuel speedy footwork, TAMA's precision-engineered Speed Cobra pedal now enters a new era
The Iron Cobra achieved its legendary status because of its ability to strongly support both the art
The workhorse DW 5000 Accelerator Double Pedal features the versatility, adjustability and reliabil
Axis A21 Vector kick drum pedals have all the performance features of the Axis pedals with increased
The FP-7210A Single Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal is an incredible pedal at a great price. The FP7210

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