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LP's original One Shot Shaker was a revolution in shaker design. With its single live striking area,
The pod-like shape fits easily into the hand and may be manipulated for many interesting effects.
Small, hand-held black conga-shaped shaker.
This easy-to-mount four-headed shaker can be used with any hi-hat to add a distinctive shaker sound
The LP Qube Live Shaker may look just like a block of wood, but some intriguing stuff is going on in
This birch body shaker with black plastic top features a gap between the contrasting surfaces that a
Clamshell Spark Shakers have a single solid weld holding the two halves of the shell together like a
LP’s new patent pending Twist Shaker is a twin set of shakers that have a twisting lock mechanism
Meinl Fiberglass Medium Red Jingle Shaker
Meinl Fiberglass Large Red Jingle Shaker
Featuring the same patented technology of our award-winning Qube Shake, this unique instrument can b
LP has added some variety to two of its most convenient and popular shakers. Introducing the LP Egg
The Meinl Artist Series Shakers have been designed according to master percussionist Luis Conte's ex
Made from a combination of selected woods, these new Meinl Wood Shakers offer a nice array of altern
Nino Wood Egg Shakers are very handy because of their shape. They also have a great sound with vario
The shaker has two chambers which are separated by a plastic membrane. By covering and uncovering th
Meinl’s Octagonal Aluminum Shakers come in three different sizes. All have a broad dynamic range w
The black Meinl U.F.O. Shaker produces an extreme mellow and smooth sound and less attack, while the
More than ever, drummers are experimenting with new and unique sounds. LP's new Sound Enhancers effo
Add a distinctive new sound to your cajon pedal. In just seconds, you can add a shaker, a jingle or

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