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New Arrivals/Limited Edition

The Sabian 20" AAX X-Plosion Ride's large, raw bell boosts the crash-ability factor in a cymbal that
Here is a great example of a Pre-Split Istanbul 20" Heavy Ride.
Just an incredible used Sabian 20" Leopard Ride. Perfect for so many styles.
A Vintage 20" Krut ride cymbal. A great part of Premier history. A great all around ride.
A Vintage Krut 22" ride cymbal. A great all around ride. Just a unique cymbal for a collection.
The Dream 20" Dark Matter Moon Ridet is ALL stick and virtually NO wash- this is it. Un-lathed raw a
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Dream 21" Energy Ride

The Dream 21" Energy Ride bell is left un-lathed focusing the weight of the cymbal in and around it
The Dream 21" Dark Matter Eclipse Ride provides a dry articulate center zone with an outer area tha
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Dream 22" Energy Ride

The Dream 22" Energy Ride provides all the torque you need to keep the band in line when laying dow
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Dream 22" Energy Crash/Ride

If the Crash/Ride 20 is a 2 seater sports car, this Dream 22" Energy Crash/Ride bigger cousin is li
Out of stock

Dream 21" Energy Crash/Ride

The Dream 21" Energy Crash/Ride has a slightly exotic timbre with all the sound qualities that a roc
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Dream 20" Energy Ride

The Dream 20" Energy Ride has excellent stick definition and a bell that can cut diamonds. This cym
The Dream 22" Bliss Paper Thin Ride's extreme thinness causes it to explode with a tam-tam-like tra
The Dream 17" Vintage Bliss Crash/Ride is a fantastic fast crash yet also makes a great suspended c
The Dream 19" Vintage Bliss Crash/Ride is a favorite of so many drummers as a super responsive and c
If you were looking for a Vintage Zildjian 22" A Medium Traditional Ride this is the one. This cymba
An amazing vintage Zildjian 1970's A Constantinople 20" Ride in a brilliant finish. Just a great cym
This is a chance to own a used Paiste 24" Reverend Al's Big Ride, a cymbal that been a part of Alex
The 22" K Light Ride features the same "smoky" sound and excellent stick definition of the 24" model
Dream 18" Vintage Bliss Crash/Ride are a unique micro-lathed hand hammered cymbal with a signature s
The 22" AAX Medium Ride from Sabian introduces a whole new palette of sound to the AAX line. A small
The 21" AAX Thin Ride from Sabian introduces a whole new palette of sound to the AAX line. A smaller
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Zildjian's A Custom cymbal line, they have launched this 21”
The Meinl Byzance 22" Jazz China Ride has an exotic, trashy sound with a soft feeling. Well suited f

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