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The 18" Byzance Vintage Pure Crash features an overall dry sound character with a relatively fast de
The Meinl 18" Byzance Vintage Crash has a combination of a sandblasted surface, big hammer marks and
The lightweight Meinl 18" Byzance Traditional Thin Crash sounds fairly washy and dark in a narrow fr
The Meinl Byzance 18" Medium Crash Brilliant has medium weight, highly polished finish with a clear,
The Meinl Byzance 18" Jazz Thin Crash is a delicate and musical Jazz cymbal. Fast and explosive with
The Meinl Byzance Jazz 18 Medium Thin Crash has a fast and explosive with a warm, dark sound, yet wi
The Meinl 18" Byzance Jazz Extra Thin Crash is a lightweight crash with a warm and natural vintage-s
The Meinl Byzance 18" Heavy Hammered Brilliant China is a heavily hand hammered chinas with an aggre
The Meinl 18" Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash's extreme light weight and the extensiv
The Meinl Byzance 18" Extra Dry Thin Crash is a unique light weight crash with an extremely dry and
The Meinl 18" Byzance Extra Dry China is a unique china with a dark, dirty sound that has a wide spe
The Meinl Byzance 18" Brilliant China has bright overtones with a sizzling, trashy, brash sound.
The Meinl Classics Custom 18" Medium Brilliant Crash has a full frequency range with a wide, full s
The Meinl Classics 18 Powerful Crash has a combination of clear bright tone with a wide dynamic rang
The Meinl Classics 18" Medium Crash has a wide frequency spectrum with a warm sound. Strong, immedia
The 18"/18" Meinl Artist Concept Model Anika Nilles Deep Hats were developed to be as versatile as p
The Contact series feature a shaped and slightly deeper profile with a relatively larger bell. The s
The Meinl 18" Byzance Dark Crash is dark in a low frequency range, and esoteric character caused by

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