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The Meinl 21" Classics Custom Ghost Ride is a special ride cymbal with a glassy ping, a warm shimme
Meinl Byzance Foundry Reserve 24" Light Ride Cymbal! The Byzance Foundry Reserve collection is a lim
The Meinl Byzance 20" Jazz Club Ride is a distinctive Flat Ride with a great presence. Big hammer ma
The Meinl 22" Symmetry Ride is the signature ride of Ralph Peterson.
The Meinl 20" Byzance Jazz Big Apple Ride has a smaller bell and distinctive large bow offers a swee
Designed in conjunction with Jazz legend Kenny Washington, this newest edition to the K Constantinop
The Meinl 22" Byzance Tradition Ride's unique look and steep bow delivers a "woody" stick definitio
The Dream 24" Bliss Small Bell Flat Ride has a low profile and small half cup combined with a slight
The Meinl Byzance 20" Traditional Ride's unique look and steep bow delivers a "woody" stick definiti
The Dream 20" Dark Matter Moon Ridet is ALL stick and virtually NO wash- this is it. Un-lathed raw a
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Zildjian's A Custom cymbal line, they have launched this 21”
The Dark Matter 20” Flat Earth Ride is pure magic. Perfect articulation right off the stick with t
The Dream 22" Bliss Gorilla Ride features a large bell, extra deep hammer marks and a rough hewn app
The Meinl 20" Traditional Light Ride's dark tonal character and soft stick sound make it ideal for j
The K Zildjian Sweet Collection extends the iconic K Family into a new direction of tonal colors tha
Made with B10 bronze, Classics Custom models pack a loud and bright punch that gets you heard clearl
The Meinl Pure Alloy 24" Medium Ride pushes your sound with an upfront mix, cushioned by fundamental
The Meinl Byzance 22" Jazz Medium Ride is more full bodied ride characteristics with a stronger res
The Meinl Byzance 22" Traditional Heavy Ride has a focused sound with a defined, bright bell. It ha
The Meinl Byzance 24" Traditional Medium Ride, has a controllable stick response with a defined ping
The Dream 21" Eclipse Ride provides a dry articulate center zone with an outer area that has a darke
The Zildjian 20" A Custom Medium Ride has extremely clear and crisp stick definition and shimmering
The 21” Sabian AA Bash Ride in Brilliant finish topped with a solid, raw bell, this versatile mode
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Sabian 20" AA Apollo Ride

Smaller and lighter than its 22" and 24" cousins, the 20" AA Apollo opens the door to a greater rang

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