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Do you buy used gear or accept trade-ins?

Absolutely! We buy used and vintage gear on a daily basis. We are also happy to accept trade-ins towards your purchase. Just remember, we are a drum store and our job is to re-sell your gear for a profit. If you want full retail value for your used gear, we recommend you sell it on your own. 


Do you consign used gear?

Yes, as long as the item is already in great selling condition. For those looking to make as much money as possible on your used gear (without selling it yourselves) we will consign it for you! This means that we will stock and sell your gear for a percentage of the final sale price. 


You’re a small, local store. Does that mean your prices are higher than a national chain?

This is an all-too common misconception. Most independent stores (including ours) have access to the exact same products, for the exact same prices as a national chain and all retailers adhere to the same pricing rules set by the product manufacturers. In many cases our products are priced lower than our competitors. The difference between us and a major chain retailer is that we offer our customers substantially more value (expert advice, unmatched customer service, a physical storefront to display and demo products, free lifetime technical support, top quality products, unforgettable events, the list goes on and on...) and we don’t exist merely to sell discounted products on a website. 


Do you price match?

We are happy to look into matching the price of any competing retailer, as long as you can provide us with a written quote from that same retailer. However, we are not in the business of giving away brand new gear just to make a sale. We are in the business of providing excellent, personalized customer service, expert advice and the highest quality instruments at a fair price. 


Do you carry any instruments for non-drummers?

We certainly do! We have the biggest selection of melodic “ritual” percussion instruments in Colorado. These beautiful instruments (tongue drums, hand pans, log drums, singing bowls, tuning forks, kalimbas, frame drums, chimes, etc…) are incredibly easy to learn and you do NOT need percussion experience to play them and have a great time! 


I don’t see what I’m looking for on your website, does that mean you don’t have it?

As much as we’d like to have every item in our inventory displayed on our website, we do have a substantial number of products that are not yet listed online. If you don’t see what you’re looking for just give us a call (303-756-5777) or send us an email ([email protected]) and a member of our sales team would be thrilled to help you find exactly what you’re looking for! 


Do you repair drums?

We’ve never met a drum or drum part that we couldn’t repair! Cymbals on the other hand… Please note: We don't re-wrap or cut bearing edges but we can connect you with folks who specialize in those services. Please see our Services page (main menu) for more information! 


Do you rent drums?

Yes! We have two fantastic rental kits and some of the lowest rental prices in Colorado. Just give us a call (303-756-5777) for pricing and availability! Please see our Services page (main menu) for more information! 


Do you ship internationally?

We are able to ship internationally, however, the cost of shipping almost always surpasses the price of the product ordered so it is rarely feasible for international customers to order products from us. Please see “International Shipping” on our Policies page for more detailed information. 


Why should I shop with a small, independent store like yours?

Here at Rupp’s Drums we are fierce believers in the tremendous value that only a great independent store can provide. We believe in more than just selling products. We believe in personalized customer service, expert product knowledge, no-strings-attached technical support, maintaining a physical retail location where customers can touch and hear our products, creating unforgettable memories for our customers, providing opportunities through global networking and operating with full transparency and honesty. If that sounds like your ideal shopping experience, then we're the store for you!


Do you offer Layaway or Financing?

We offer a competitive layaway program as well as interest-free financing! Please see the “Layaway” and “Financing” sections of our Policies page for more information. 


Can you recommend gear for me?

We are a team of dedicated life-long drummers with a vast deal of professional experience in a wide variety of genres and performance situations. Talking gear is what we do and we have the experience to back it up! We’d love nothing more than to help you find the perfect product for your unique needs. Give us a call (303-756-5777) and start a great conversation today! 


What’s the difference between “demo” gear, “new” gear and “used” gear?

“New” is a product that’s never been sold, has no defects and comes with full manufacturer’s warranty. “Used” means previously owned, not entirely without defects or signs of use and does not come with a manufacturer's warranty. “Demo” gear has been ordered specifically for a single event (like a drum clinic or festival), may exhibit some small signs of use and comes with full manufacturer's warranty. 


Do you offer drum lessons?

We offer personalized drum lessons in all styles, for all ages and at the most competitive prices in Colorado! Please see our Services page (main menu) for more information on our incredible instructors! 


Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on most orders over $150!


Why does my cymbal have a fingerprint or stick mark on it?

We are a physical retail store that offers their customers a chance to test products in person and not a web-only store. Therefore, a cymbal purchased from us may have a few light stick marks or a finger print on them. We certainly try our best to thoroughly clean all cymbals before they are shipped, but if you notice a small blemish, fingerprint or stick mark on your cymbal you can rest assured that a small cosmetic blemish will absolutely not affect the sound, quality or longevity of your cymbal in any way. 


I’m buying a gift for someone else, how do I know what to buy?

We would love to help you pick out the perfect gift for that special drummer in your life! Just give us a call (303-756-5777) and we’ll be there to help you out. As an alternative, we also offer Gift Cards with no minimum amount required for purchase. 


Are you currently hiring?

We encourage anyone interested in a position at Rupp’s Drums to email their resume to us ([email protected]) or better yet, to bring it by the shop in person and introduce yourself! We’d love to hear from you and even if we aren’t currently hiring we will keep your resume on file in the event that a position opens up in the future.