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Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School

The very best drum lessons in Colorado. Begin Your Drumming Journey Today!


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Learn to Drum with Rupp’s Professionals

Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School is Denver’s choice for private drum lessons. Our professional drum instructors are not only master musicians but also talented educators, tailoring lessons to our students’ specific goals.



We strongly believe that drumming enriches the world we live in and we aim to provide our students with the skills they need to be the best, most upbeat musician they can be!


Why Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School?


  • Rockstar instructors. Upbeat offers customizable drum lessons with some of the busiest, most experienced drummers in Colorado! 


  • Tailored lesson plans. We offer several syllabi to suit EACH student’s individual needs, no matter what age or skill level.


  • The Rupp’s name. Rupp’s Drums has been a household name for drummers in Colorado since 1984. If you live here, you know. Check out our Google Reviews! 


  • The joy! We want our students to enjoy the learning process and achieve their goals. At Rupp’s, we drum for joy and life enrichment. That’s why we’re UPBEAT!



Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School Faculty


Nikki Saiz

Nikki Saiz is proud to have been one of the first women ever to play drum set in Drum Corps International as well as Winter Guard International. She was also the very first woman to play in a Lamont School of Music jazz big band. Nikki received her degree in Jazz Studies at the University of Denver and she has performed in some of the biggest venues in the country like Red Rocks Amphitheater, Lucas Oil Stadium, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Denver City Hall, and Carnegie Hall. When she is not gigging with her four local bands, she is teaching competitive high school music programs. Her talent for teaching drum lessons in Denver turns her students into fans and friends for life!

Devon Rogers

Devon Rogers started playing drums in elementary school and began performing with bands in junior high school. In 1985, he moved from the Bay Area to Colorado, and he continued his musical education at The Metro Drum School (MDS) with Gary LeFrancois. He also attended the University of Colorado at Denver, where he studied audio engineering, learning the techniques of studio recording and live sound engineering. Devon has performed throughout the US and Europe with several bands. Years of audio engineering and drumming have given Devon insight into what it takes to be a good drummer, as well as how to properly set up, tune, and maintain drums to get them sounding their best. Drum lessons with Devon are tailored to each student's specific skill level, objective, and musical interests. Whether it's helping to learn classic rock songs or modern hits, from the basement hobbyist to the aspiring live performer, Devon helps drummers of all ages become more confident in their playing.


Derek Swink

Growing up listening to Hendrix and Zeppelin, Derek pursued a degree in Jazz Studies. After a short stint working on cruise ships, Derek moved to NYC where he cut his teeth in jazz clubs and pits of musical theatre productions. Since then, Derek’s drumming career has led him all over the world to standout venues and events of all kinds. He has played for audiences including Saudi Princes, President Obama, and Elon Musk. Derek combines his love of teaching with real-world experience. When Derek isn't teaching drum lessons in Denver, performing live, or recording in his home studio, he spends his time studying philosophy and playing disc golf.


Collin Sitgreaves

After studying at The Colorado Drum Institute, Collin decided to pursue a career in music at Colorado State University and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Music Performance.   Collin has 16 years of performing and 11 years of teaching drum lessons in Denver under his belt. He has performed all over North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and parts of Europe. Collin teaches several high school drumlines and percussion groups in the Denver area. He also works as a freelance session/studio musician playing various styles of pop/rock, funk, jazz, R&B, blues, and musicals. He also currently plays on the Denver Nuggets Skyline Drumline and was recently accepted into the Sabian Educators Network (SEN) under Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini. When you pursue drum lessons in Denver with Collin you get customizable lessons catered to your drumming needs. You will also learn proper technique, music reading, and development of aural skills. Collin is well versed in many styles of drumming and will help you achieve any musical dream you might have!  

Teodor Vanovski

Teodor has been performing on drums ever since his high school days. After graduating from Cherry Creek High School, Teodor went on to New York, NY to pursue his musical education at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, where he earned his MB in Music. For the next several years in NYC, Teodor played the city’s live music circuit as a freelance drummer, where he shared the stage with various groups both as a leader and sideman at venues such as jazz clubs, private parties, outdoor festivals, fundraisers, and musicals. A jazz drummer at heart, he also composed and wrote music for modern jazz ensembles and played at NYC venues such as Rockwood, Shapeshifter, and Club Bonfide. Teodor has recently returned from New York to his hometown of Denver, bringing with him over a decade of drumming instructor experience, as well as the razzle-dazzle of the NYC jazz scene.

Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School Faculty: Colorado Springs

Emily Gould

Emily first knew she wanted to be a drummer when she was nine years old and listened to Blink 182, totally fixated on their drums. Since then, she’s grown into a true drumming professional, having studied Percussion and Multi-Media Graphics and Design in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has built her own drumming brand as an educator, live performer, and recording artist. She considers herself fortunate enough to work with an array of talented folks over the last 20+ years, playing everything from the drum set to hand percussion, everywhere from tiny cafes to amphitheaters, festivals to international tours, and any genre you can think of. Some of her favorite collaborations have been with Shaina Wexler, Spirettes, Fire Follows, and Outlaw Drums. Her advice for drummers who are just starting out: “Have fun with it; don’t take yourself too seriously, and be patient. Learning any instrument is a challenge, but learning how to drum is a really unique thing.”


Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School Pricing

With over 50 years of teaching experience on staff and the most competitive prices in Colorado, Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School offers unbeatable value with drum lessons individually tailored to fit the student's age, skill level & goals.  


Drum Lesson package rates are extremely competitive and when you sign up for lessons, you will receive the first lesson for free! 


We offer Weekly Lessons, Monthly Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons, Group Lessons and Lesson Packages!


*All Pricing available upon request*

Please fill out the contact form at the TOP of the page!



Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School FAQ


What is your cancellation policy?


Drum lessons can be canceled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson by contacting your instructor via email or phone.



What ages and skill levels does Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School accept?


We accept students over 8 years old for drum lessons in Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. Our experienced faculty teaches all styles and all skill levels!



Do you offer virtual lessons?

Yes! Our faculty offers virtual drum lessons via Zoom and Skype.



How much do drum lessons at Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School cost?


Lesson tuition rates depend on the duration of the lesson time. Please see our pricing section for more information.



Do you offer any discounts?


Yes! If a current student refers a new student, the current student will receive 50% off their next lesson. We also offer several “pay ahead” bundle packages and sibling deals. Please see our pricing section and inquire for details.



What makes Rupp’s Upbeat Drum School different from other drum schools?


  • Rockstar instructors. Upbeat offers customizable drum lessons with some of the busiest, most experienced drummers in Colorado!  

  • Tailored lesson plans. We offer several syllabi to suit EACH student’s individual needs, no matter what age or skill level. 

  • The Rupp’s name. Rupp’s has been a household name for drummers in Colorado since 1984. If you live here, you know.

  • The joy! We want our students to enjoy the learning process and achieve their goals!



Where are you located?


Location: Drum Lessons in Denver

2045 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80222.

Ask about our locations in the Highlands and Westminster areas as well!

Location: Drum Lessons in Colorado Springs

Northeast Colorado Springs Near Academy & Austin Bluffs