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The Promark S22 cymbal rattler is the perfect alternative to putting permanent rivets in your favori
Comfortable wrap for drumsticks.
The Promark Stick Quiver (PQ2) is designed to mount on to most marching snare drums or tenor sets so
The Promark Rebound 5B Drum Sticks work well as rock sticks (or even concert sticks) because of thei
The Promark Rebound Balance 5A drumstick is made from select quality hickory. Rebound balance means
The acorn tips on the ends of these sticks give you a wider "sweet spot" than a teardrop shape, crea
Rebound balance means the weight distribution is centered towards the rear of the stick.
The rebound balance 580 features a 3" taper for a back heavy stick that feels like it’s doing most
Almost a 5B diameter, and the same length, this is a great mid-range stick with a round bead.
Promark FireGrain sticks allow drummers to hit harder and play longer, naturally. No excess vibratio
Promark's Forward 5A Drum Sticks have the same thickness as the industry's standard 5A sticks, the m
Promark designed the Select Balance system utilizing the 5 most popular drumstick diameters, 7A, 5A
The 2B is a standard diameter drumstick for the heavy hitter. An excellent larger general purpose st
The 2B is a standard diameter drumstick for the heavy hitter. Excellent larger general purpose stick
The 420 stick was designed by Mike Portnoy, progressive drummer extraordinaire. It features a long,
The 5A has long been the best selling stick for all styles of music due to it's well-balanced weight
This stick features a traditional 5A diameter with a little extra length. It has a quick taper and o
The 5B is a standard diameter drumstick for the heavy hitter; a larger general purpose stick for roc
A large general purpose stick for rock, pop, punk and pop perfect for when a 5A is too small and a 2
The 718 "Acid Jazz" stick has a short taper, allowing for extra power. A small round tip provides gr
The 747 features a classic 5A diameter but is longer and features a thicker taper.
The 7A is a standard diameter drumstick for those who enjoy a lighter, short stick. This stick is ex
Excellent for Jazz play and where lower volumes are appreciated. The nylon tip provides a brighter,

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