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New Arrivals/Limited Edition

This stick designed for jazz legend Jake Hanna is a beefed up Jazz stick (111NT) in both its dimensi
A dance band stick. Slightly lighter and faster than the SD9.
The 718 "Acid Jazz" stick has a short taper, allowing for extra power. A small round tip provides gr
This variation of a Regal Tip 5A (205R) sports an oval tip, and a more severe taper, resulting in th
Vater Swing Nylon Tip Drum Sticks have a “double taper”, meaning that it is slightly thicker tow
The Vic Firth 5BBRL American Classic 5B Sticks with Wood Barrel Tip features a 5B profile with a bar
"This stick has a diameter and weight distribution heavy enough to get huge rockin' sounds out of th
Vater Chris Pennie Model Drumsticks are the signature drumsticks of Coheed and Cambria drummer Chris
Our redesigned 5A profile in a painted Chroma Blue finish. Pearlescent paint interacts with light so
A Freestyle stick for the 5A player. Inspired by the sport of Freestyle longboarding, the Freestyle
Vater Sugar Maple Concert Wood Tip Drum Sticks are slightly under a 2B in the grip with a refined ro
Much like it's nylon tip brother, the 7A wood tip is a shorter version of our Jazz (211R).
Vic Firth's SOH Omar Hakim Signature Series Drumsticks offer a round nylon tip for a brilliant cymba
Rebound models feature a long, 3" taper for optimized finesse and agility. This version is cut in ma
Crafted from 100% U.S. Select Hickory, the preferred wood for drum set sticks, its overall design is
Promark's Forward 5A Drum Sticks have the same thickness as the industry's standard 5A sticks, the m
Vater Sugar Maple Sweet Ride Wood Tip Drum Sticks are a touch under a 7A in diameter. Extra small ro
A short tear drop tip on a 5A shaft. Provides superior cymbal definition with excellent rebound. In
Charlie's stick has an elongated oval tip for dark cymbal sounds. A big sound without a lot of weigh
Vater 9A Wood Tip Drum Sticks measure comfortably in between a 5A and 5B in the grip and features a
The 2B provides the articulation of a small oval tip with the weight and response of a thicker stick
The Meinl Big Apple Bop Drumstick is a fast and easy stick that carries a big sound to push any band
A Freestyle stick for the 55A player. Inspired by the sport of Freestyle longboarding, the Freestyle
A Freestyle stick for the 7A player. Inspired by the sport of Freestyle longboarding, the Freestyle

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