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Sabian Sound Kit

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Designed just for drummers, this 4 piece personal mic/mixer set will soon become your best friend. The mixer features specifically tuned channels for kick drum and overheads in order to maximize the tonal quality of your kit. This is perfect for today's drummer that is getting into the youtube craze of drum covers.

Personal Drum Mixer

  • Kick-tuned channel
  • Overhead-optimized channels (2)
  • Utilizes a simple three mic setup for natural sound
  • Preset audio filters designed to take the guesswork out of getting great sound
  • High output headphone amp with both 3.5mm and 1/4” jacks
  • Line-out for live audio applications
  • Available only in the complete 4 piece SABIAN Sound Kit - Item # SSKIT

Cymbal-Optimized Overhead Microphones

  • This matched pair of overhead mics has been optimized specifically for use as drum overheads. Get the best from your cymbals and a big drum sound.
  • Also available separately - Item #SOH2

Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

  • Designed specifically for a great kick drum sound. The SK1 frequency response is tailored for bass drums. Its large diaphragm dynamic design is built for the high sound pressure levels of today's kick drums.