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Pearl Masterworks Artisan Bass Drums

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Masterworks hopes to change the way drummers view a custom set of drums. At Pearl, the word custom holds quite a bit more reverence. It means we made it, not assembled it. It means everything about the kit is made by hand, one piece at a time, by a Pearl master craftsman. From hand selecting the finest woods and painstakingly forming the shell, to die casting and plating the hardware that mounts. With Masterworks, it's about choices.


The choices begin with the selection of the shell material and construction options that precisely suits your playing style.


Shell Options:

  • Maple is an excellent choice for general purpose applications due to its smooth, warm, well rounded tone, with equal amounts of hi-end attack and mid-range body and an excellent low-end punch.
  • Birch is known for its "naturally EQ'ed sound" that offers slightly boosted hi-end frequencies, a smooth, mellow mid-range and a deep low-end presence and is a great choice for any applications that require extra presence and cut.
  • African Mahogany is the ideal choice when maximum warmth and low frequencies are a priority.
  • Choice of Fiberglass Inner-Ply

Bearing Edge Options:

  • 45' Bearing- Pearl's legendary 45 degree bearing edge delivers the perfect blend of attack and warmth.
  • Round 45' Bearing- The rounded 45 bearing edge boosts mid to high frequencies as a result of greater head-to-shell contact.
  • Full Round Bearing- The fully rounded bearing edge provides maximum head-to-shell contact for a greatest boost in mid to low range frequencies.

Shell Thickness Options:

  • Thin shell drums- offer great resonance and maximum tone that can be most appreciated in near-field applications.
  • Medium shell drums- offer a very good compromise between volume and resonance and are ideal for general purpose applications.
  • Thick shells drums- offer are extremely "efficient" and provide ultimate volume and projection. These drums are ideal for any application requiring high sound pressure levels with maximum cut.
  • Your choices continue with the selection of hardware options that matches your idea of shell accents and tuning control.

Hardware Color Options:

  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Black Chrome
  • Nickle

Hoop Design Options:

  • MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop- MasterCast are the finest die cast hoops available and feature the perfect blend of thickness and mass to improve the depth, clarity, and focus of toms and snare drums.
  • Super Hoop II- SuperHoop II hoops are precision formed from heavy-duty 2.3mm steel, triple-flanged and engraved with the SuperHoop II logo.

Lug Design Options:

  • BRL Lugs- Pearl's revolutionary BRL lugs assure the ultimate in head seating and tuning integrity. The unique swivel function allows the tension rods to align perfectly into the lugs so there's no lateral pressure against the hoops, thus assuring maximum resonance and sustain.
  • Bridge Lugs-Bridge style lugs and floor tom brackets provide maximum resonance with minimal shell contact.
  • Swivel Tube Lugs-Pearl's revolutionary swivel tube lugs assure perfect rod to lug alignment for optimal seating and precision tuning.
  • Dual Sided Adjustable Bass Drum Muffler

Finally, select of the shell finish that matches your vision.



Finish Options:

Masterworks has an infinite amount of finish possibilities. Create an Exotic Artisan Exterior Ply Finishes that's right for you. Choice of Tamo, Bubinga or Eucalyptus Outer Veneers.


Now that you have an idea of the possibilities, take a moment and consider what you want your custom kit to look and sound like. If you need some questions answered feel free to contact us.


To complete your order use the dropdowns to order the size drums you are wanting. Note - drop down choices represent diameters only. You can use the order sheet below to list your specifications. Please fill out the orderform to help us identify your choices on your custom kit. You may want to save it somewhere on your computer. After filling out the order sheet, email or fax it to us using your name and Masterworks Order in the subject line.