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Natal Pro Series Single Bass Pdl F-Cam Pedal M-H-PS-SPF

SKU Number: M-H-PS-SPF
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The Pro Series Bass Drum Pedal is the perfect combination of strength, durability and streamlined operation. It is available as a single pedal, double or double left hand. There are two choices of cam, fast or smooth: The Fast Cam provides greater power and attack; this is achieved by a flatter cam profile which increases the angle at which the chain drives the beater, so it hits harder. The Smooth Cam affords greater dynamics; a rounded cam gives a more responsive feel which is better suited to a more nuanced playing style. A unique feature of the Pro Series Pedal is the ability to adjust the angle of the beater independently from the cam. Adjusting the beater arc gives you greater control of your performance. The combination of cam and beater arc adjustment means that the Pro Series Pedal encompasses a massive range of different play settings. 
  • Ultra Strong, Durable and streamlined
  • Ultra Fast or Ultra Smooth Cam Options
  • Non Slip Natal footplate
  • Self Levelling hoop clamp
  • Fully adjustable
  • Includes Drum Key