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Natal Pro Series High Hat Stand M-H-PS-HH

SKU Number: M-H-PS-HH
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The Pro Series Hi Hat Stand combines ultra sturdy build quality with playing sensitivity. Heavy duty and double braced, you can be confident that the Pro Series Hi Hat Stand will stand up to even the most demanding playing situation. The unique lever hinge design means that the Pro Series Hi Hat Stand has a smooth yet fast action which is incredibly responsive. The Pro Hi Hat Stand is an extremely stable two legged design. Having two legs, as opposed to three, gives the stand a smaller foot print which allows you to find the perfect playing position even in smaller or confined areas. It also makes it easier to accommodate a double bass drum pedal. The two legged design is engineered to tilt slightly inwards towards the player putting the centre of gravity over the foot rather than in front of the foot. This adds to the stands over all stability. Also, having just two legs makes the Pro Hi Hat Stand easier to set up and quicker to pack down as well as being lighter than some three legged stands.
The Flexible Footplate is designed to be positioned accurately with one simple drum key adjustment so you can attain your optimum playing position quickly and easily. The footplate is etched with the Natal logo for extra playing grip. The Pro Series Hi Hat Stand is supplied with tube sleeve memory locks and high-grade non-slip rubber feet.
  • 2 Legged Design
  • Ultra Heavy Duty
  • Non-Slip Natal rubber feet
  • Easy fold up foot plate
  • Fully adjustable