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Meinl Pure Alloy 14 in Medium Hihats PA14MH

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Effortless touch and clean sound. This is MEINL Pure Alloy. A timeless voice formed with fully lathed surfaces allows them to be expressive in virtually any style. Their refined nature has two sides: polished definition met by a velvety wash that encompasses a full tonal spectrum. Shimmering, smooth sounds bounce right along with your stick to create a reactive touch that extends through all dynamic levels. These cymbals cut with agility. Blanketing their superb stick definition is a sustain that plays out with just the right amount of strength and balanced wash. 

The Meinl Pure Alloy hi-hats cover all dynamics from a quick, responding staccato to slight sizzle to full bodied energy.


  • Mid-Dark Timbre
  • Shimmering Clarity Character
  • High-Mid Pitch
  • Medium to Low Volume
  • Medium Sustain
  • Medium Weight
  • Traditional Finish