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Hammerax Liquicy Cymbal

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Hammerax Liquicy cymbals were unveiled in 2007 after research into developing a cymbal of increased flex which yielded a deep vibrato style wobble.

Early Liquicy cymbals were crashes geared toward max depth of wobble with a slow deep wave. Research continued and after years of work, Hammerax utilized a greater variety of shapes, hammer patterns and heat treating to expand the possibilities of Liquicy. 

Many were ride worthy with good stick definition. Liquicy flatrides were proven to have defined stick definition with a lush, shifting tone. Negative cup Liquicy were found to have a focused, icy tone with very deep wobbling. Medium weight experiments proved successful – yielding louder and more aggressive Liquicy cymbals. The most unique of the tests were held in a private archive vault.

The shimmering wobble and flanging wash remain, with tones, speeds and depths of greater variety than the original Liquicy cymbals. Some pieces have a more subtle and traditional voice. Some are more daring than ever.