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Craviotto 20 in Bass Drum Center Stage Drum Set

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Finally, a center lug kit that’s worthy of taking center stage.

Craviotto’s new Center Stage drum set embodies every ounce of handcrafted quality and unsurpassed craftsmanship that Craviotto Drum Company has built our reputation on.

Traditionally, center lug kits were geared towards the entry-level market. Well, not anymore.

Craviotto’s Center Stage drum sets feature our signature one-ply, solid Maple shells finished with our center mounted cast lug. Due to weight differential between our solid brass tube lugs and our lightweight cast lug, Center Stage drums open up quickly, tune easily, sing with clarity, and sparkle with resonance. The shallower depths respond quickly with a clear note. Articulate, responsive, and sonorous, Center Stage drum sets shine in the studio and glisten live.  

Please call us for availability.


  • 12x20 Bass Drum
  • 7x12 Tom
  • 12x14 Floor Tom

Drum Set shown with 20" Bass Drum

Standard Build Features:

  • Classic GTS mount w/9035 brackets
  • 9035 FT brackets w/12.7mm legs
  • Double/Single TT Mounts w/G4945 BD Mount
  • Side mounted BD spurs 
Vintage Build options:
  • Vintage Rail TT Mount w/Diamond plates & clip
  • Internal BD Mufler (front, back, both)
  • 9.5mm classic FT legs and Vintage Diamond Plate FT brackets 
  • Tone Controls (top, bottom, both)
  • Disappearing' BD Spurs 
  • "T-Handle" BD tension rods
  • BD L-arm Cym Mount