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Yamaha Electronic Percussion Components Tom Pad XP120T

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Yamaha's XP120T is a 3-zone 12" electronic TCSDTX -Pad tom ; includes stereo cable.

A 12-inch electronic tom drum pad with a transcendent feel. The drum head is made of TCS (textured cellular silicone). By adjusting the sizes and concentrations of the tiny bubbles in the TCS, we have created two different types of pads, a snare pad and tom pad, that both feel perfect.  The pad is divided into three zones and supports open rimshots and closed rimshots.

In addition, you can assign different voices to different zones. This makes highly original performances possible. For example, you can create an acoustic drum sound when you hit the head area, a cowbell sound when you hit the open rim area, and a loop sound when you hit the closed rim area.  Also, the pad has a pad controller (the black dial on the edge) that you can use to readily adjust effects.