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Yamaha Electronic Hybrid Accessory Packages DTXHP570

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DTX502 Hybrid Packs remove the guesswork for drummers who want to take advantage of the growing trend of combining acoustic and electronic elements into one self-contained drum kit.  DTX502 Hybrid Packs simplify the process and include all necessary cables and hardware to start sounding great right out of the box. Amplification equipment for the electronic drums is sold separately.
Hybird Packs are  for drummers who already own an acoustic drum set. It includes all of the electronic add-ons to take advantage of the benefits that a hybrid kit offers. It gives drummers the ability to create sound layers, import user sounds and trigger drum, percussion and other sounds from their acoustic snare and kick drums. The system is expandable up to 12 pads. Free Yamaha iOS apps, including the DTX502 Touch, enhance the value of the DTX502 module and offer tools to improve drumming skills. All of the packs include a DTX502 module, two acoustic drum triggers, and one or two electronic drum pads, plus all the cables and mounting hardware in one box. The DTXHP570 comes with one TP70 single-zone pad.
  • DTX502 module
  • TP70 single zone pad
  • DT20 with stereo cable
  • CSAT-924AW
  • CL-940BW