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Yamaha Electronic Drum Pad and Cymbal Set DTP582

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The Yamaha DTP582 drum pad and cymbal set feels great, thanks to Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) heads, 3-zone cymbals, and a real hi-hat controller. Designed in collaboration with Yamaha's legendary group of drum artists, the DTP582 not only feels almost like playing acoustic drums, piezo trigger sensors and dual-zone rim switches are also articulate enough to allow discrete triggering on both the head and rim. Best of all, DTX-PADs have been adjusted to match one another, so your e-drum kit will maintain a consistent feel throughout. For trigger pads with a "just right" feel, look no further than the Yamaha DTP582!


  • Includes KP100 kick, XP80 snare, 3 XP70 toms, 2 PCY135 cymbals, RHH135 hi-hat, and HS740A hi-hat stand
  • Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) heads provide realistic performance
  • 3-zone cymbals deliver authentic playability
  • 2-zone hi-hat with edge and bow sections yields open, closed, and foot splash sounds
  • Real hi-hat controller and included hi-hat stand for realistic feel and playability
  • Piezo trigger sensors and dual-zone rim switches allow for expressive playing
  • DTX-PADs are matched for consistent performance
  • Standard stereo phone jack