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Sonor JoJo Mayer Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal PB

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Jojo Mayer, world-reknowned drummer for Nerve, has teamed up with Sonor to develop the Perfect Balance Pedal. Over the past several decades, bass pedals developed a heavier initial stroke to provide more sound as musical genres continued to become louder and more aggressive. This heaviness comes at a cost, however - the resulting feel is unbalanced, with a fast downward motion but a sluggish rebound. Jojo wanted a pedal with the feel of vintage, balanced pedals, but with the technology available in today's high-end pedals.

Here's what he and Sonor came up with:

Low Mass Drive System - both the drive cam and the beater hub are a single unit for a reduced mass, while the round cam creates equal forward and backward acceleration for balance.

Elongated Footboard - the extra length provides additional leverage, as well as greater contact surface for heel-toe work. The footboard is purposefully smooth to reduce friction.

Self-Mounting Clamp - once the clamp is calibrated to your bass drum hoop by adjusting the screw, it can then be attached and removed from the bass drum in about one second; simply slide the folded pedal onto the hoop and lock it in the upright position to have it automatically mount itself, and release it with the push of a button.

Magnetic Spring Dock - when packing up your pedal, save wear and tear on the spring by securing it with a magnet.

Non-Proprietary Screws - this pedal uses metric screws that can easily be found at any hardware store.

Folding - with a push of the release button, this pedal can be folded nearly flat, saving you lots of room in your hardware bag.

Pedal Bag - speaking of bags, this pedal also comes with its own unique space-saving bag.


  • Low Mass Drive System
  • Elongated Footboard
  • Self-Mounting Clamp
  • Non-Proprietary Screws
  • Folding Capability
  • Bag Included