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Pearl R.E.D. Box Tru-Trac Pack Full Conversion Kit EPADRBMP

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ePro Live is a revolutionary electronic drumset that looks, feels and sounds like real drums. Never before has today's drummer been offered the limitless sonic capability and realistic feel of electronic drums on a drumset built with real drum shells, plastic cymbals, and real drumset hardware, all from the percussion industry's leader, Pearl.


All e-Pro components couldn't reach their full potential without rich drum and percussion sounds generated from the drum module (r.e.d. stands for Real Electronic Drums). The massive 128MB RAM capacity accommodates 1000 High Definition Sounds, 100 High Definition kits, plus space for 100 user-created kits.

One very unique and exciting capability of Pearl's is the Memory Switch, which gives you the ability to flash the memory and substitute a lush, super high-end drum set for the original acoustics. Pearl has partnered with professional digital drum samplers Toontrack, Zildjian, and Steven Slate Drums, to provide the lush kits through a the website:

Tru-Trac Heads Included:

  • 12" Tom
  • 13" Tom
  • 14" Snare
  • 16" Bass Drum


  • RBM20MUL R.E.D. Box Module
  • RDMM R.E.D. Box Mounting Bracket
  • CH10 Cable Bundle
  • AX25L Multi-Clamp
  • EP02P Tru-Trav Plastic Cymbal Set
  • EHH2 Tru-Trac Plastic Hi Hat Cymbals (PR)
  • NDA1 No Drill Adapter x 5
  • CH1JB 16" TRS Cable
  • DZC15 15' LONG CABLE
  • 52MM Tension Rods x 30
  • 63MM Tension Rods x 30
  • NP485 Velcro Tape x 10
  • BDMTP Hole Postion Template
  • BDPTP Paper Ruler
  • HPC6 Hole Punch
  • BDC Foam Bass Drum Cushion

Unit pictured is EPADRBMSP.