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Natal Maple Traditional Jazz Shell Kit M-K-MA-TJ

SKU Number: M-K-MA-TJ
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With bright top end and a full lower-mid response, the highly capable Maple Series is incredibly versatile and is available is a huge range of finishes. Maple has a proven resonance which results in bright top end with enhanced lower-mid frequencies produced by the thickness of the shell. This affords greater balance between resonance and volume making Maple a versatile material and is often described as warm sounding due to its wide ranging frequency response. Maple shells are 7 ply and are available in 17 beautiful high gloss lacquer and sparkle finishes.
In keeping with tradition, the Traditional Jazz setup has always been fairly unique. The same in layout as the traditional setup, but with smaller floor tom to give a more tuned sound. The smaller and shallower bass drum also provides a more defined sound along with the 13 inch snare drum. Both the Natal Jazz set-up and Traditional Jazz set-ups come complete with a white Bass Drum head with Natal logo. In addition to the standard configurations listed, individual drums of almost any size are available as additional drums or for use when creating your own personal configuration.

  • 18x14 Bass
  • 12x9 Tom
  • 14x14 Tom


Available Finish:

  • Gloss Black
  • Tobacco Fade
  • Gloss Burgandy
  • Red Sparkle
  • Green Fade
  • White Metallic
  • Black Sparkle
  • Sunburst Fade
  • Blue Sparkle
  • Silver Sparkle
  • Violet Sparkle
  • Sea Sparkle
  • Orange Sparkle
  • Copper Sparkle
  • Green Sparkle
  • Black Metallic