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DW Jim Keltner Icon 6.5"x14" Snare Drum

DW Limited Edition Icon Series Jim Keltner Snare Drum! OOOEEEE!

Gretsch 135th Anniversary Engraved Aluminum Snare Drum

For those who want to mark the occasion by adding to their prized snare collection, we offer the Gretsch 135th snare drum. Call 303-756-5777 for Clearance Price!

WTS Artistry Series 14 x 8" Snare Drum

The WTS Artistry Series Snare Drums feature hand-cut single 45 degree bearing edges and 10-ply all-maple shells, providing a full-bodied sound and wide tuning range for any style of music!

A&F Drum Co. 6.5"x14" Raw Brass Standard Snare Drum

Please check out this amazing A&F Drum Co. 6.5"x14" Raw Brass Standard Snare Drum. A unique drum capable of performing in all kind of situations. Bound to be the centerpiece of your collection.

A&F Drum Co. 4"x18" Gun Shot Snare w/legs

The A&F Gun Shot 4x18 Raw Brass Snare Drum with wood hoops.... One Giant Snare!

Doc Sweeney 6x14 Steambent Cherry W Maple Hoop Snare

This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind 6x14" Steambent Cherry Snare w/Maple Hoops and Purpleheart & Walnut Inlay is an absolute showstopper!

Sonor 5.75 x 13" Benny Greb Signature Snare Drum

Benny’s very own Signature model that is as versatile and musical as Benny himself. Benny favors Beech, and that’s what gives the Drum its transparency, warmth and a wide tuning range with a fat sound.

DW Collectors 6.5x14" Quilted Moabi Over Maple Snare Drum - Chrome Hardware

DW Collector's Maple Natural Lacquer Over Quilted Moabi 6.5x14 Snare Drum

Sonor Prolite 12" Snare Drum Tribal Red

The Sonor Prolite 12" Snare Drum is a 12 ply Birch shell with 12" x 5" size giving this snare drum a crisp, bright sound with plenty of attack.

Pearl Pearl Dennis Chambers Signature Aluminum Snare Drum - Clinic Demo Played by Dennis Chambers!

Pearl Dennis Chambers Signature Aluminum Snare Drum - Clinic Demo Played by Dennis Chambers!

Dennis Chambers 14x5 Signature Snare Drum features a 3mm, black nickel-plated, Cast Aluminum shell with 5mm reinforcement walls at the batter and resonant bearing edges. This exact snare played by Dennis Chambers!

DW 5.5x14 in Collectors Series Carbon Fiber Snare Drum with Black Nickel Hardware

The DW 5.5x14 in Collectors Series Carbon Fiber Snare Drum delivers volume, cut, and sensitivity. This is the last available in the U.S. Call 303-756-5777 for Clearance Price!!

Ludwig 5 x 14" Black Beauty Supraphonic Snare Drum

The Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum is considered one of the most desirable drums ever made.

Sonor SQ1 6.5 x 14" Snare Drum Cruiser Blue

The SQ1 snare drum features fast-attack Remo Ambassador coated drumheads as well as a smoothly functioning Dual Glide System snare strainer with a licensed Dunnett quick release.

Gretsch Black Copper Engraved 6.5"x14" 10-Lug Snare Drum

Gretsch 14x6.5 USA Custom Limited Edition Black Copper Snare Drum is warm and articulate while at the same time having the cut and presence of a metal shell.

Yamaha Recording Custom Birch 14 x 5.5 in Snare Drum in Surf Green

The revamped modern design retains the traditional essence of the Recording Custom.

Mapex 14x5 in Black Panther Design Lab Equinox Snare Drum

The Mapex 14" x 5" Black Panther Design Lab Equinox Snare Drum is bright and crisp at all dynamics, designed with a 6-ply, 6mm maple shell with matching 4-ply, 4mm reinforcement rings. Call 303-756-5777 for Clearance Price!

Ludwig 5 x 14" Supraphonic Snare Drum

Featuring a smooth shell and elegant Imperial lugs, the Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 5 x 14" snare drum will become the workhorse of your drum set.

Mapex 30th Anniversary 6.5x14" Walnut Snare Drum

The Mapex 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Snare Drum is a throwback tribute to the widely admired Deep Forest Snare Drum of the 1990’s.

Pearl 5 x 14" Sensitone Beaded Aluminum w/ Clear Lacquer Finish Snare Drum

The Pearl 5 x 14" Beaded Seamless Aluminum SensiTone has a vital, immediate snare tone that recalls the tone of chart-topping legends of yesterday, but with an undeniably modern sensibility. Call 303-756-5777 for Clearance Price!

A&F Drum Co. 1.5"x14" Pancake Snare Drum

The A&F Pancake 1.5x14" Raw Brass Shell Snare Drum. Simple design, practical application, brilliant sound!

Mapex 5.5 x 13" Black Panther Design Lab Cherry Bomb Snare Drum

This Cherry Bomb 5.5 x 13" Snare is a re-imagined and optimized version of the original Cherry Bomb snare. Call 303-756-5777 for Clearance Price!

Mapex 6.5 x 14" Black Panther Sledgehammer Snare Drum

The Sledgehammer has a 1.2mm hammered brass shell and a 45-degree bearing edge. They don't call it a Sledgehammer for no reason - this drum is not one for subtlety. It will smash its way through any amount of noise.

Ludwig 6.5 x 14" Black Magic Snare - Black Nickel Hardware

A classic formula for a more aggressive musical age, Black Magic snare drums share the same shell type with the Black Beauty, but with upgrades like matching Die-Cast hoops for increased volume, and Tube-Style lugs for maximum shell resonance.

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