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Devon Rogers

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  • Devon Rogers started playing drums in elementary school, and began performing with bands in junior high school. In 1985, he moved from the Bay Area to Colorado, and he continued his musical education at The Metro Drum School (MDS) with Gary LeFrancois. He also attended the University of Colorado at Denver, where he studied audio engineering, learning the techniques of studio recording and live sound engineering. He started teaching at The Metro Drum School 20 years ago, and is currently teaching at Rupp’s Drum School.
  • Devon has also performed throughout the US and Europe with several bands, including Quadramess (Westword’s Best of 2006 Supergroup), and Kingdom of Magic (Westword’s Best of 2007, Best Live Band). He also continues to do live sound engineering at several Denver music venues.
  • Years of audio engineering and drumming have given Devon insight into what it takes to be a good drummer, as well as how to properly set up, tune, and maintain drums to get them sounding their best.
  • Lessons are tailored to each student’s specific skill level, objective, and musical interests. Whether it’s helping to learn that classic rock song or modern hit, from the basement hobbyist to the aspiring (or current) live performer, Devon helps drummers of all ages become more confident in their playing.