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Remo Tattoo Skyn Snare and Bass Batter Heads

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Black Skulls Snare Batter
Black Skulls Bass Batter
White Skulls Bass Batter
Black Dragonrose Snare Batter
Black Dragonrose Bass Batter
White Dragonrose Bass Batter


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Tattoo Skyns Snare Batters
Utilizing exclusive artwork designs by Corey Miller of the world famous TV show, L.A. Ink, Remo introduces Tattoo Skyn Drumheads.
The symbolism of a skull in tattooing varies immensely but whether it's linked to life or death it's simply a very powerful image whether on your body or on your drum.
Serpent Rose
An amazingly detailed piece of work that brings together the life and death symbolism of the serpent, the passion and purity of the rose and the betrayal and hurt symbolized in the dagger.
Tattoo Skyns Bass Drum Batters
The 22" Powerstroke 3 bass resonant heads feature a 10-mil film and a 10-mil inlay ring for overtone control. The snare drumhead in 13" or 14" sizes feature a 12-mil Suede single ply film for excellent durability and overtone control. Both Graphic Snare and Bass Drumheads utilize Remo's Skyndeep proprietary imaging technology that enables the image to be permanently embedded into the structure of the film without affecting the sound quality of the drum.